A Magical Legacy

Lillian was born on August 3rd, 2016, with Trisomy 18. From the moment she arrived, she began beating the odds. Tiny but mighty, she was fierce and determined to prove everyone wrong. We always knew she was a fighter, and we never gave up on her. We let her call the shots like the boss she was, and she continues to led us with her brave spirit.

Lillian was and is the most beautiful, sweet, kind, and inspirational person I have ever met. She has an old soul, and her eyes could pierce right through you, radiating pure love. To know her is to know utmost perfection. She has the brightest blue eyes, the cutest nose with a tiny scoop at the end, long curly red-brown hair, and the most adorable lips. She would often poke out her sweet little tongue, a gesture that always made us smile.

Lillian danced into the arms of Jesus unexpectedly on June 15th, 2021, due to septic shock from a surgeon's error during a routine procedure. She chose to move to heaven on Ryan’s and my 8th wedding anniversary, just seven weeks shy of her 5th birthday—a milestone we were so excited for her to reach.

In her almost five years of life, Lillian inspired hundreds of thousands of people. She helped found her company, Laree + Co, which I now run in her honor. She also inspired the creation of her foundation, which provides funeral funding to families who have lost a child. Her impact continues to be profound and far-reaching.

Lillian taught us to celebrate everything—every milestone, every birthday (even the weekly and monthly ones), every holiday, every smile, and every giggle. We learned to cherish every moment because of her.

We will never forget her or stop sharing her story. She is far too magical to let that happen. She was and is the best of us, and her legacy of love, strength, and inspiration will continue to touch lives and bring hope to many.