We are so eager to launch the Lillian Rose Foundation™.

Lillian’s Foundation will create care packages for medically complex children, bereavement packages for Angel mamas, and also work side-by-side with Laree + Co. to donate and design clothing specifically for medically complex children in the hospital.

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HOPE...she gave me hope and strength as I carried our precious baby girl Brynley who also had T18. Even after our girl passed away when I was 35 weeks pregnant I couldn't stop watching in amazement at how beautiful and strong Lillian was. I will treasure her in my heart forever.
Denise Zook
Lils was a huge encouragement to us as we awaited the birth of our Charis! And she gave us hope as an older child as we loved and cared for our precious girl. And this comment wouldn't be complete if I didn't add how much I adore Lil's sweet little tongue!!! It's just the best!
Candace Skinner Sabo
Watching Lillian grow up was a blessing. She made everyday so happy knowing how loved she was and how vibrant she made everyones lives. She is a hero to my 6 year old. He said she is strong and beautiful everytime he saw her.
Angel L Ramsey